Bhashadip Solution for STD 3 to 8 (PDF Download)


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Bhashadip Solution: The Gujarat Government Education Department was provided Bhashadip Book in all primary school of the state. It is recommended that children understand the language themselves and interpret and write the answer. This book develops language skills in children. The book contains activities for a total of 20 weeks. In these activities, questions related to the subject of Gujarati, mathematics, science, social sciences etc. have been taken.

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Bhashadip Book STD 3 to 8

Sr. No. Details Link
1 STD-3 Bhashadeep Download
2 STD-4 Bhashadeep Download
3 STD-5 Bhashadeep Download
4 STD-6 Bhashadeep Download
5 STD-7 Bhashadeep Download
6 STD-8 Bhashadeep Download

Bhashadip Solution for STD 3 to 8

Here we have provided it on a weekly manner. This is just for a reference solution. Students are advised to write Bhashadeep themselves. Our Aim is to just provide a reference for our teacher friends. Please don’t miss use this solutions. We also request teachers that allow your students to write themselves.

STD-3 Book Solution

STD-4 Book Solution

STD-5 Book Solution

STD-6 Book Solution

STD-7 Book Solution

STD-8 Book Solution

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